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I have personally attended weddings where the Bride has organised her own wedding, but they have been so tense and concerned if the guests are being attended to, if the limousines are going to arrive on time, are the flowers here, is my hair looking fabulous etc. By the time it comes around to the ceremony they are so stressed out and tense that there are no smiles for the camera. You should be enjoying this magical day and be totally relaxed. This is what we, at Events Edge, are renowned for by the Brides we have worked with. Their day runs like clockwork and all they need to do is enjoy the day, smile and spend this special time with their family and friends, because before you know it your wedding day will be over!

Why use Events Edge as your Wedding Planner?

Weddings are among the most beautiful, yet overwhelming and high-stressful events we have to look forward to in our lives. There are a plethora of things in our daily lives we need assistance with so a wedding should be no exception. At Events Edge we are your personal assistant, equipped with the strong professional knowledge base to negotiate and contract suppliers to suit your budget. We offer personalised service and specialise in catering to your individual requirements.

It can be daunting putting your faith in another person to plan your wedding. It is a huge responsibility to make it a special and memorable occasion for you and your guests, but we accept the challenge, and will be there for you every step of the way from the engagement up until you step on the plane to take off on your honeymoon.

Please call Debbie Skewes on 0418 137 769 to organise a free consultation to discuss your ideas and desires for your special day, and to meet with me to see if I am the right person for you to produce your wedding day vision.

Debbie was a sessional lecturer in Wedding Planning, Weddings and Special Events, and Event Logistics with the Fitzwilliam Institute Group.

Natalie O’Brien

… can’t thank you enough for organising the perfect wedding. Not only did you take the stress out of the occasion, allowing us to enjoy an unforgettable day, you also ensured the wedding was a success on so many different levels and beyond our greatest expectations.

We thank you for your acute attention to detail, ensuring nothing was overlooked, your thorough professionalism, your creativity and relentless pursuit for perfection – making our wedding memorable for all the right reasons…So many of our guests have since commented that ours was “the best wedding ever”! What a compliment, what a wedding, what an event planner – simply the best!

Natalie O’Brien

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Advisory Service

Wedding Advisory Service for couples who want to do it their own way $450.

EventsEdge offers a structured one-on-one 3-hour support service to guide you to achieve your dream wedding.